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Ride the Thunder – A Vietnam War Story of Victory & Betrayal

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Anonymous says:

I can proudly say I served as a United States … I can proudly say I served as a United States Marine in Viet Nam, seeing combat first hand. The Book and Movie “Ride the Thunder” makes such a positive statement about the integrity that US and RVN fighting men brought to the conflict. The vast majority of US service men, that served in Viet Nam, say they would do it over again even knowing the results. The results were not because of our actions but of the actions or lack of action on the part of Politicians and Press. Thank you…

Anonymous says:

Most areas are poor and only the big cities show modernization As a Vietnam Veteran (1972), this film represents what most of us went there for… to help the South Vietnamese maintain their freedom from an oppressive rule of the North. Today we see exactly that… the oppression of its people and the false narrative that all is well in the United Vietnam. Most areas are poor and only the big cities show modernization, but it is window dressing. I believe it tells a good story of two men who fought side by side during the end of the war. I am proud I…

Anonymous says:

REAL REFUGEES PLAYING ACTUAL PATRIOTS MASTERPIECE – Raw, Real, Accurate and Inspiring. This movie captures the true story of a handful of American and South Vietnamese Marines in halting the surprise attack of tens of thousands of Communist North Vietnam troops riding tanks and artillery to the Bridge at Dong Ha during their Eastern Offensive in 1972. Another of the many tales about which the American public knew nothing. Due in part to the radical left news media who choose to side with the communist enemy instead of the…

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