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Citizen John says:

One can learn a lot from these episodes, mainly about how most jobs are so difficult Every episode starts out the same way. The CEO is going to spend time with the rank and file. This will help the CEO to manage the whole organization and will serve to extend the CEO’s influence.However, the CEO soon finds out that the rank and file work much harder than anticipated or believed. Also, they are comparatively guileless. Usually, there’s one worker that requires a reprimand while all the others are somewhere between lucky to have a job in this recession and flat…

K. S. Walter says:

ENJOY But Amazon could have a better streaming. I picked up an old season of Undercover Boss because I recently started working for one of the companies, and it is nice to see how things went and even a few familiar faces are still around. I enjoyed this series a lot a few years ago, but can I say that Amazon’s streaming service needs a little work? Netflix is usually smooth for me, and this was choppy and I would have to get up every 10 minutes or so and refresh the webpage for it to continue loading…At least they kept some memory of…

nick says:

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