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Captain America: Civil War (Theatrical)

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Anonymous says:

Star-Spangled Show Down I’ve long believed that Captain America has provided some of the very best movies to emerge from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that trend continues with “Captain America: Civil War.”Based on a series than ran in the comic books a decade or so ago, “Civil War” features Cap and the rest of the Avengers (at least the characters that appear in this movie) being held to account by the governments of the world for the collateral damage they inflict while going about their business of…

Anonymous says:

Avengers 2.5 Captain America’s Civil War is a blast of a Marvel movie, though like many recent Marvel offerings it is dragged down a bit by the Marvel formula. After the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier the world is hunting Bucky Barnes (the Winter Soldier). With the added problems of the devastation caused during Avengers: Age of Ultron and collateral damaged that occurs in the opening of this film, the world governments come together to demand a new level of oversight over the Avengers…

Anonymous says:

A house divided against itself… As the countdown to “Avengers: Endgame” runs down, it’s worth a look back at “Captain America: Civil War”, which set the stage for the last two Avengers movies. The Avengers, the world’s greatest heroes, have vanquished every foe, until now. A series of unfortunate events leads to a house divided, and a house divided cannot stand. The Avengers will pick sides, and the consequences will be catastrophic for the team. Above all, Captain America will find out who his friends really are…

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