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American Summer Flag Patriotic Eagle Shirt

Added on June 29, 2014 in Patriotic Shirts For Men
$34.99 Add To Cart price at April 19, 2020 10:07 am EDT -Details


Ryan Darcey says:

USA Bought this shirt to wear with my teammates in a golf outing. Quality is awesome, idea is awesome, I would say the say runs a little bit big.

ilive4fun says:

Please offer for a tall person! I love this shirt! While I absolutely LOVE this shirt and design, my chief complaint is that you do not offer 2XL size for big and tall men. I am 6’2″ and require a much longer shirt than most folks. The biggest shirt available is XL?!I would look ridiculous trying to stretch into an XL with my belly button poking out… lol!Offer this awesome shirt in a XXL (2XL) or for big an tall, key word – tall and I’ll buy two right now at that price even for a few dollars more. One Tee-shirt and one white Polo style!I doubt you’ll beble to help with this request as you do not actually manufacture these shirts, but I felt I should inform you about my disappointment in the sizes available so you might pass on this request to the company making these. Signed, Totally bummed out in Phoenix, Az

BHE "BHE" says:

AMAERICAN EAGLE SHIRT The shirt is what I expected as I have a similar shirt bought 15 years ago and am still wearing it on appropriate days.

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