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2nd Amendment of the Constitution USA Flag Right to Bear Arms Adult T-Shirt Tee

Added on May 9, 2015 in More Patriotic Shirts
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Patriotic Shirt Product Features Printed on a Black Shirt

Patriotic Shirt

Product Features

  • Printed on a Black Shirt


CM Bennett says:

Keep searching The design is really well made, but as stated, the entire design, from the lettering, to the eagle is covered in reflective material which seriously detracts from the aesthetics of the shirt. Far too flashy to wear, so I wound up throwing it in the trashcan.Normally I read the reviews before I buy, but this time I failed to do that. Do yourselves a favor and keep searching for another shirt.

454 casull says:

it has shiny gold on it. It has shiny gold all over the shirt as part of the design. Looks like a guys shirt on the photo…. but more suited for a girl… awesome graphics. I won’t be wearing it. 4 stars because of the flashy gold that wasn’t disclosed in the description.

Trust&Verify "Trust & Verify" says:

Think Twice and Read All the Reviews Shirt is not faded on the edges as shown. The words in the logo are covered with silver foil. This is not covered in the listing but when you get you will see it is a cool graphic but the foil ruins the shirt. Looks like a cheap 70’s Disco Shirt. When I asked the seller for a refund due to a misleading listing the said okay but wanted me to pay the shipping back to them. I did not feel as if I should pay for shipping since the listing was at odds with the real product. Misleading and missing…

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